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Bambo Flutes
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Man Wolf's Native American Flutes

Native American Flutes made of Bamboo, Fire hardened to temper, and resonate superbly, and various hard and soft woods chosen for their particular tonal qualities, and natural beauty of the wood grain.

Flutes are five hole, minor pentatonic scale,  and almost play themselves.

As my ancestors before me, I do not tune my flutes to any particular scale.  These flutes have always been made to play the music of the heart, not notes on a page.  They were tuned to the hand measurements of the player by an ancient formula, and were meant to resonate to the vibrations of the player's body bringing peace and balance where they are played.  A flute may be purchased tuned to the customer's hand measurements for a truly unique instrument.

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These are my professional quality Bamboo flutes.  These flutes have a very crisp, sharp tone, and are generally louder than wood flutes.

standard_flute.jpg (209452 bytes)

Item Name: Standard Flute
Item Number:
Price: $85.00 

Please specify low, medium, or high range in notes.Custom drilled standard flute.

Item Name: Custom made bamboo
Item Number:
Price: $125.00


Item Name: Specialty Flute
Item Number:
Price: $175.00


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