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Man Wolf!

    I was raised by my Grandparents on an East Texas black-land farm, in a little two room cabin built by my Grandfather.  As a boy growing up, when I was not in the fields working, I was in the woods hunting and fishing.  It was and is a way of life.  My Grandfather taught me a deep respect for nature, and would not tolerate any abuse of the plants and animals in the woods.  "If you kill it, you eat it!" My Grandfather always said.

    Living close to the earth, living, more or less, off the land, taught me to be kind to the other life around me.  My Grandfather always told me, "the farther a man gets from the land, the harder his heart will be!"  I believe that is true.  I see how the big cities are. I see the crime, and the hatred in too many eyes. We need the peace of the Earth Mother in our hearts. We need to walk the beauty path of our Fathers!

    As a young man, I heard the Cherokee flute and fell in love with it.  I made a crude flute, and began to learn to play.  Two friends I had made showed me how to make a good flute, and through the years I have refined the craft to an art that brings the soothing sounds and peace of mind to young and old alike.

    I have seen crying children hush their fretting immediately, and begin to relax at the simple sound of the flute.  I have seen adults begin to relax that probably haven't relaxed in years.  It's almost magical!

    I have been playing for over fifteen years.  I have played at powwows, Indian art festivals, arts and crafts shows, and other types of shows all over the south.  In my travels, many elders of the Cherokee people have shared their knowledge with me.  The old folk are happy to share their knowledge once they find out a person isn't going to take that knowledge and warp it into something it was never meant to be.  The history, customs, and beliefs of all the Indian people is very beautiful.  The wealth of wisdom among the elders is tremendous, and should be respected.  It should never be abused.

    First and foremost, I love people, and I believe that comes across in my performances, whether on stage, or at my booth.  I treat people like family.  I have known few people who fail to respond to love and respect.  I am a man that enjoys what I do.



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