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Man Wolf
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The Man Wolf plays his flute

Listen if you dare

As the music touches you

In the Spirit that you share


The flute bleeds his music

In this you feel no fear

For it is not the man alone

It is his Spirit that you hear


As if in a dream of reconciliation

Into his sound you are falling

His divination of music pure

Is the Ancestral Spirits calling


The melody spills Indian blood

From the very start

Trickles a path to your soul

In meditation of the heart


Man Wolf carries your essence

Into the Shadow land

Leads you gently in your walk

Takes you by the hand


In the dream of music pure

Man wolf tells you of his pain

In the gentle melancholy

He is practiced in this domain


Your being is caressed in peace

Music magic as you listen

Pain and sorrow is left behind

as he feeds your apparition


In Creator you thank Man Wolf

For the inside journey into peace

Praying he knows inside that he

has gifted your Spirit sweet release.

 By Tracie

Copyright ndnblood poet, 2001


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