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What I do
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What I do

I am Man Wolf Stray horn, a decedent of the Cherokee people, and one of the Lost Cherokee. I am a Master flute maker, one of the few in the U. S. that work in Bamboo, a flute player, and recording artist. I write all my own music, lyrics, and poetry. Throughout all my work, I endeavor to convey my pride in the Cherokee people, and to avoid the stereotype of the "Hollywood Indian". The Cherokee are definitely NOT "John Wayne Indians"!

Stories are told about the early Spanish explorers and their first contacts with the Cherokee people. The Spanish chroniclers tell about how the "friendly people came out from the towns" to meet them playing happy songs on cane flutes.

My job is to create those flutes for a modern user with modifications for modern listeners, but with as few change as possible. I use the same body measurements that have been used for centuries, and are still accurate today.

My music has the Cherokee thought patterns of "the flowing river, the wind in the trees, and the laughter of the children" incorporated into it. Old Cherokee songs are nothing like those heard at Pow Wows, and in the movies. If you listen closely, you will hear the roots of the "Blues" in our music. Early Irish and Scottish settlers incorporated our music into their own, and "bluegrass" found it's home.

So much of our culture and heritage in this country, especially in the South, is a direct effluence of the Cherokee people. Even the language that we use, like "Squash", and Succotash". We Southerners, like the Cherokee, have developed procrastination to it's highest art form by never doing anything today that can be put off 'till tomorrow! The names of many of our cities, towns, states, and rivers are from the Cherokee language. Even the constitution of this great land was taken almost word for word from the Iroquois Confederacy, our cousins to the north.

Please, spend some time in our site. Learn of my people, get to know me a little bit, see my work, and find out how to purchase it if you wish. Most of all, I hope you find it an enjoyable time in the time you spend, and I hope you come back often.


Great big thank you!

Man Wolf




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