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Wood Flutes
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My wood flutes are made from the seven sacred  woods of the Cherokee, chosen for their distinctive sound qualities, and for the natural beauty of the wood grain.  None of my flutes are lathe turned.  I shape my flutes by hand.  No custom drilled wood flutes except by appointment.  Custom Orders Only on custom drilled flutes!

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The Guardian Flute

Walnut flute with Wolf block, and beaded medicine shield .

walnut1.jpg (49293 bytes)

walnut2.jpg (42078 bytes)

walnut3.jpg (45394 bytes)





bear tribe 1.jpg (71936 bytes)Bear Tribe Flute

bear tribe 2.jpg (63242 bytes)Bear Tribe

Item Name: Bear Tribe Flute
Item Number:
Price: $245.00


corn field 1.jpg (194911 bytes)Corn Field Flute

corn field 2.jpg (49010 bytes)Corn Field design

Item Name: Corn Field Flute
Item Number:
Price: $245.00


mahogony1.jpg (73270 bytes)Mahogany Flute

mahogony2.jpg (57457 bytes)Mahogany Flute with beading

Item Name: Mahogany Flute
Item Number:
Price: $245.00

To order, call 214-987-2787


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